[Video Cut] SHINee Taemin @ 100 Points Out of 100 Sports Day (/^.^)/ \(^.^\)

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credit: as tagged, shared by Subbing SHINee, reuplaoded by Taemin Forever

credit: jujugal 0718@youtube

Kyaaa kyaaaaaaaaaaaa kyaaaaaaaaaa *shout out loud* Finally, sheena or juju or jujugal or Subbing SHINee finally upload this video teaser. I can't wait for full version + english sub of course but I have to. I am sure it will be air around this or next week, but I am not sure if video with english subbed will not. :sigh: all we can do just wait patiently as usual. But anyway, let's thank to Jujugal in blog or youtube ^^

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