[Video Link] Taemin @Oh My School (100 Point Out Of 100) Episode 25

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 110514 Taemin basketball free throw cut @ 0M$
^ Kim Shinyoung keeps cheering for Taemin. Ahh do you know Kim Shinyoung? She's gag women with same hair style with taemin's past *mushroom*

110514 Taemin skipping rope cut @ 0M$

110514 Taemin's happy face @ 0M$
credit as tagged

110514 SHINee Taemin cut
^ Taem's full cut in OMS

110514 SHINee Onew & Minho MC cut @ Music Core
credit: kjudi202

shared by: anju_angel @soompi II please do not reuploaded the video! 

Still teasers only. But don't worry. There are full episode have been uploaded by eya1666 @youtube. I am still waiting for clarification. Is the full video has subtitle (english of course) or not. My laptop is too slow to open them all,. Now I am still wait ingfor downloading process. Please be patient.  They are on youtube don't worry XD. I can't deal with another video store. I hope Pikeyenny will post them too. I will give you direct link to Pikeyenny's blog.

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