[Fan Account] SHINee at Tokyo Legend 2011

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credit: DC gallery, shared by Subbing SHINee, reuploaded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!

Whenever SHINee appeared, the sea of pearlescent will light up!!  
credits: Mr SHINee

A lot of applause for Beast, MBLAQ & SHINee but SHINee received the loudest applause!!
credits: Mr SHINee

When SHINee sang Stand By Me, Jonghyun ran over to Minho, carassed Minho’s neck & did a sexy expression.
credits: sunny560

When introducing all artistes & SHINee’s turn, their backs were facing the audience, everyone shouted SHINee & SHINee turned wz ageyo poses.
credits: SHINee Bloom

SHINee became the opening act instead for the 2nd concert. After performing 3 songs, they spoke for a while about the relief efforts in Japanese. Onew was panting so heavily that he even said  “Aigoo”. They left the stage after introducing the second act, MBLAQ. Minho skinship wz Jjong, held hands wz Taemin, had his hands around Key’s shoulders.
credits: Mr SHINee

It was the end & all artistes came out,stood in a row, SHINee as always bowed the lowest & that’s why SHINee is so popular! ラスト全アーティスト並ぶ中真ん中で歌い出すジョン♥ When everyone came out on stage.. Jjong suddenly began to sing==.. Irritating but very cute..

Source: DC Shinee Gallery

When SHINee appeared, the arena turned into a pearl aqua ocean. Some say they see next DBSK in SHINee. Onew looked exhausted after their performances (–Onew need to build more physical power:(), Jonghyun’s singing voice was godly, Minho was handsome like a Greek god (He shouted, “Saitama~!” during the rapping part of Lucifer:)), Key was cute (See the cute pose when he bowed), Taemin shined like an angel.

 K-shawols are complaining about few good photos and fan accounts of SHINee in the concert… Some Korean fans seem to have attended it as you can see from some Key photos). Hope we can get some more later…

credit: Subbing SHINee 

Ohh really there's no more fancam? No more high quality, higher than pic above? Hope that's not true. Hope some J-shawols will share kindly their fan cam to us. T^T

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