[Taemin Forever Official News] New Header, Logo and Reader

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Another header form Taemin Forever. Last one is not bad XD but it's not fit the theme. I think I should make bluish header to make them fit each other. Hope you guys like this one.

And this is Taemin Forever Logo. I want to make it simple but have meaning or at least have relation with Taemin. And of course, when you heard Taemin, first thing that symbolized him is MUSHROOM. Keke. So this is it. Taemin Forever Logo XD. Hope it's not too childish. ^.^;;

Anyway, this is only in my mind, I know maybe all of you label yourself under taemints (as taemint's  international/official fan), but once again it's only in my mind, I think I will call you (reader of Taemin Forever) as taem's fever. It doesn't mean anything but it's only made to appreciate my friend's contribution as a reader of this blog. She appreciate my blog a lot and she's my friend who comes from foreign country. Actually she's my sunbae at college and now we are in same small group and become best partner (p^.^)p.

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