[Just For Fun] SHINee Words

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This is SHINee Song Compilation Special Edition. Don't worry, there's no something trouble with  your sight! And don't angry after read these words. These words are pure just for fun XD

 HELLO my name is JOJO", my husband is LUCIFER. I am his SHINee GIRL Our daughter's name must be JULIETTE" and my son's must be ROMEO. We live in SHINee WORLD, it's our BEST PLACE. They are my LAST GIFTs from God and of course they are the best! My husband's just like FOR SEASONS for me. He's my winter, my spring, my summer oh soo lovely. Our LOVE ♥♥ IS LIKE OXYGEN for us. No matter happens our LOVE ♥♥ SHOULD GO ON anyway who are you guys? Whatever you are hope we can be AMIGO. Don't worry I don't need your REPLAY immediately. But WOWOWOW, PLEASE DON'T GO yet! Cause we have to sing a song  A YO. Don't be hesitated by SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME. READY OR NOT, Y.O.U have to say YOUR NAME. So, what are you waiting for? GET DOWN and do a RING DING DONG RING DING DONG DING DIGGY DING DIGGY DING DIGGY DING DING!

I am doing this in the middle of chat with my group on facebook. It's naturally created in my head just fews second after my friends told they wanted to have another alias name which have similarity with their bias. They said they want to change their account name with Juliette, Jo Jo, even some of them wanted to change their account name into jinke, onya or chunyang. Kekeke, they are dubuholic. And one of taemints want to change her account to be teh mimin wich means: mimin's tea. Oh god, should I change my name too? Keke. I am not a fan like that, I have my own way to express my love to Taemin XD like photo editing (you can see my photo with taemin in : about author).

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