[Interview] SHINee Taemin for Magazine Excerpt

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What do you want to do in your teen years?
Go to Alaska!!
Going abroad, there’s a lot of things to see, a lot of things to experience, I think I want to mature more. One place a I especially want to visit is Alaska! We already talked about it in a 5 person interview, but, I’d like to try taking photos with SHINee in the cold Alaska scenery. (In Japanese) I really like the cold (laugh) For everyday weather too, rather than a clear weather day, I prefer a day just before the rain falls or a snow day.

What do you think about being the youngest on the team is good?
There’s infinite potential.
As the youngest, as for being an artist, it’s only 1 - 2 years (younger), but I think there may be a long period of challenges still. Of course strength is required but, if you learn young, you can pick it up faster right? Although I receive a lot of different advice from the other members, I think that there are a lot of possibilities, that makes me happy that I’m the youngest.

What three things would you wish for?
  1. Flying: I want to try flying with birds, cutting through the cool winds.
  2. Breathing under water: Diving in the deep sea, looking at the wonderous living things and seaweed.
  3. Elasticity: In the manga “One Piece” there’s a character like a rubber person, I want to stretch like that. (laugh)

What are you tackling with enthusiasm?
(I’ve studied) in order to read and write hiragana, and I somehow manage to understand what I hear. But, speaking is hard. It takes long for me to put things into words. I’m studying more so I can smoothly and naturally speak!

What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?
I like styles that show off the body’s silhouette. I like clothes with a slim and slender line. I wonder if there’s lots of stores to go shopping in Minami-ku near the office.

If I have this then I’m ok.
As expected, the thing that gives me the most strength is (my) family. I’m very busy, so I don’t get to see them often, but even when we do meet after a long time, I’m happy. Usually I don’t call often, but my family calls me a lot. “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” (laugh) My mom’s cooking, Chige (Korean stew), samgyetang, meat gochujyang (Korean red chili paste), fried food, etc. Whatever it is, I love it!!

What type of child were you?
I wanted to fly. I liked running around outside playing.. My dream was to be a pilot. I liked airplanes, I’d run around making pyu[1] sounds. I wanted to fly as well.
If I looked nearby, there were no thrills (laugh)[2]
Well, I get on a alot (of planes), now I don’t like planes as much (laugh)

[1] The sounds airplanes make 
[2] He’s explaining why he wanted to fly.

source: crissan @ tumblr, picture credit: TONGHYUN

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