[News] SHINee's Mobile Update (20111125)

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In the dressing room.
The members are improving their concentration.
What are these two happily looking at on the computer?
Well, from their backs, who could it be?
It’s easy huh?

In the dressing room, a member’s [1] sunglasses are lined up  (o^ ^o)
Who’s could it be?
Can’t you guess somehow?

[1] I said a member because they use menba-tachi before and just menba here.
So are they Key’s?

At last, it’s the final Japanese performance of SHINee World.
The members’ fighting spirits [1] are up!
In the dressing room, Minho is signing the signed T-shirt that will be  given away in a lottery to all of the members of the fansite.
We’ll inform you later of further details of this present on the tour details webpage.

[1] It’s always weird to say this. “The members are pumped up” makes me giggle too.

At last, we were able to finish the final SHINeeWorld.
To, the all of the many fans that have supported us, and all of the  staff involved and above all, everyone reading this on the fansite!
Truly thank you!
The okonomiyaki [1] is delicious too, Osaka’s is the best~ ♪

Well then. Let’s make sure we meet at the next live`

From SHINee

[1] This is a savoury pancake

Picture credit: minoutshine II Translation by: crissan via tumblr II Source finder: pinkeyeoja II shared by: smtownfamily, 22taem @soompi, Taemin Forever

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