[Interview] SHINee Taemin for Hanako Magazine

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Taemin-kun speaks his mind about his interest in Miyazaki Hayao from before.

“Recently, I’ve been solely watching another two that I’m into. I love One Piece and Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis). Last night too, I watched those two then went to bed. Ah, I listened to a recording (after).”

During breaks from shooting too, he hummed a song from Tohoshinki, his seniors from his office, and did some light dancing.

As the youngest of the group, his naivety in his smile calms those around him.

The secret of his health? “Eating anything without exception” 

“I try to eat a balanced diet every day. I ensure that I eat and I also take vitamins. My favourite food is meat. At times when I’m sad, if I eat meat, I cheer up. (laugh)”

In contrast to his looks of an angel with his boyishness remaining, his choice in food was surprisingly carnivorous.[1]

This could also be said about his (approach) to work.

“I’m quite covetous so if there’s a chance, I’d want to challenge different things. Aside from SHINee stage performances, I’d want to do musicals, act, MC, etc.

I would like to show the maturing, soon to be adult side to me. Hairstyles too, I’m blonde right now, I want to try different hairstyles. Please look forward to it.”

[1] This was a sort of run-on sentence so I broke it up.
[2] In Japan, you have nikushokukkei danshi; meat eating guys who are basically go-getters, and soushokukei danshi; grass eating guys who would rather you do the work are less competitive.

Since Taemin looks so innocent they were surprised by his aggressiveness.

source and credit: Crissan's Little World, image credit: Lock.xi II reuploaded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!

Wanna be healthy? Eat everything! Just like Taemin's advice. Well, that's right. I will eat everything~healthy! Kekeke.
Whoaa, Taemin likes Tennis no Oujisama??? I think he is the one who fit play that character ~

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