[Pic] Taemin's Hair Turns into BLONDE Again? o________o

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This is a photo of Taemin posing for the sponsored shoes. It’s very bright blonde!
source, shared by: Subbing SHINee
It was taken from PV Shooting (it was Juliette Japanese version as I've read)
source credit: vinamalia @soompi
It's captured on PV shooting again, based on source.
credit: winkme @soompi
Oh my lord! I've tried to keep this issue cause I don't want to believe this.  But I think I can't insist anymore. When I got the second pic (I found it first @Forever SHINee via Facebook Group) I thought it was just a rumor with no clarification cause the pic is blurred over here and over there  -___- 

But, now I really am confused by first pic. It was from my trusted site, Subbing SHINee and the author (jujugal) said "can't wait for tomorrow? Should this case turn into suspected again? Arggh honestly I'd prefer red ones instead blonde. Mom, please give my hot red angel back! I was too much consuming cute puppy white angel! #whining# What is your opinion?

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