[News] SHINee Taemin's Collaboration @Inkigayo 2011

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♥♥Comeback Special♥♥
  • Hyuna [Attention & Bubble Pop]
  • ZE:A [Heart for 2 & Watch Out]
  • CSJH The Grace) Dana & Sunday [One more chance]
  • Girls' Day [Hug Me Once]
♥♥Take 7♥♥
  • 2PM [Hands Up]
  • 2NE1 [I am the Best]
  • Secret [Starlight Moonlight]
  • 8eight [Covering those Lips]- Rainbow [Sweet Dream]
  • F (x) [Hot Summer]
  • T-ara [Roly Poly]
♥♥Expect Blooms ~ Special Stage♥♥
  • f(x) & SHINEE [Hello (Shiny)]
  • f(x)Hot summer too ^^
sorry for bad quality
♥♥Hot Music ♥♥
  • Butterfly [Diary]
  • B1A4 [Only Learned Bad Things]
  • A PINK [It Girl]
  • Mighty Mouse & SOYA [LaLaLa]
  • Jang Woo Hyuk [Weekend Night ]
♥♥Fresh Music ♥♥
Block. B [Tell your boss]

♥♥Jobs Song (Employment Song) 
Broadcast starts around 3:50 PM KST (+9GMT)@ K-POP STREAM ONLINE

taemin in legally blone
Oh my Lord! I am speechless because nothing to say just shocked by this internet connection TT___TT keke. My bad, I will seek for better one hiaha I will beat the connection by seeking in youtube. It has been added there, gotta post it soon ^^

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