[Update] SHINee News Update! (20110605)

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SHINeeは今回、当番組が一発目のテレビ歌収録だったらしい。光栄だm(_ _)m
[Trans] Our program seems to be SHINee’s first TV appearance. It’s honor to us m(_ _)m
[from twitter; DC Shinee Gallery]
SHINee Will Appear On Happy Music

Do you remember? Becky on Happy Music watched a clip of SHINee’s Lucifer m/v and said, “kakoii,” for Taemin in hairband :) She finally met SHINee. Can’t wait to watch it. Don’t know when this will be aired.
Edit: A member of a Japanese girl group (Super Girls) that filmed the program on the same day was amazed by SHINee when she saw them do rehearsal. She said she wanted to do her best too, practiced until she fell down, and succeeded in making no mistake on stage :D   Our boys are already making influence there!

credit: Subbing SHINee 

It's so relieved when read those of words because jujugal has been back. She said will not fully comeback but still update fun news. XD Jujugal, fighting!

[Twitter Feeds]

SHINee Episode in Japan
Someone was waiting at the Fuji TV reception counter, and SHINee took him for a staff member for Ongaku Banzuke (music program) and greeted him, “Hello, we are SHINee.” :D

SHINee in Soda Magazine Cover
★ Hot group SHINee to be on the cover of SODA June 23 issue!!! ★
- Two photos picked as finalists for the cover. Which to choose, that is the question~. But so cute…..!! – SODA editors
- Thank you!! We interviewed SHINee in Korea. We brought Japanese cracker senbei for snack, and it was a big hit! Especially Onew didn’t let go of it,,, very cute! – SODA editors

[Source: SODA magazine twitter; shakizi.com]
credit: Subbing SHINee

Ohh, what kind of photo? Why we can see one of them? Maybe they will be share later ^^

[Fan Account] Taemin and Key on SNSD Concert

The beginning shows a picture of SNSD on the bottom of a cup. Someone is drinking coffee.
Then, Key’s face. Screams from the audience ㅋㅋㅋ
At the café, Key finds out he won a ticket for SNSD concert and jumps up with joy. Other guys congratulate him ㅋㅋㅋ
After that, Key as SNSD deokku starts to see fantasy. In his eyes, people on streets all look like SNSD.
A mannequin in a show window look like Yoona
A driver in a car looks like Tiffany. He greets the driver passing by.
When he entered a classroom, all the students sitting there look like SNSD.
He makes his cute expression with his hands on his face >ㅂ<  Very cute.
Then, he orders bread in a restaurant and eats it in the mode of “Instinct Key”.
When his mouth was smeared with the cream, Tiffany cleans it off with her hankerchief ㅋㅋㅋ
Taeyeon feeds him with a spoon, and Key is so happy he makes the cute expression >ㅂ<
Then next is a scene on the street
Key is walking to the left, and Taemin comes out of a red telephone booth.
Again explosive screams from the audienceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My friend screams like crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Taemin looks around
He is surprised to see SNSD in Mr. Taxi costume ‘ㅇ’
The end.

[Cr to PL´ㅂ`@DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by Subbing SHINee]


Taemin and Minho Were Filming Dream Team (20110605)

credit: DC SHINee Gallery, shared by Subbing SHINee

Look at picture above. Looks like a circus area. Can't imagine what kind of game will be played in this episode, it must be full of emotion and adrenaline. Taeminnie, fighting!

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