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SHINee’s Taemin Draws Interest for His Mature Look

SHINee’s maknae Taemin was recently spotted with a more mature look while guesting on SBS Power FM’s “Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet“.

The star was a special DJ for the show, and so his picture (snapped alongside groupmate Key!) was shared through the radio’s official homepage. Taemin’s usually known for his youthful looks as the team’s maknae, so fans were pleasantly surprised with the change in image.

With his relaxed brown hair and milky skin, he looks to be much older than his age. Netizens commented, “I can already smell the scent of a man”, “I’m fallingfor him!”, “Key looks like the dongseng in the picture”, and “He’s no longer a boy.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate
shared by: anju_angel @soompi

Dream Concert Staff Account
[Jonghyun & 2MIN at DC BackStage]

Today on May 28th dream concert . i have the chance to be one of the STAFF (those emotions word i shall keep it) everyone, have you tired giving Yunho a hotdog bun with ketchup on it hahahaha. Receiving signature it’s not something to boost around keke but squeezing ketchup can i be a little proud to boost around hahha!

That’s Kara’s Nicole who is chatting with Jonghyun , saw those muscles on his arm??

Although i don’t know what are they chatting about, but the topic seems interesting. his hand holding
such a small bottle of drink, it’s so cute!

With a small little clip on his hair , don’t say he is playing punk!
Minho Smiling like a child ^^ his so happy he’s 500 TIMES cuter then the mr hotdog!

Minho look more interested in those drinks. Looking at CODY strongly passing the measseage of “GOVE ME THIS!”

1. It looks like Master Taemin looking at Jonghyun walking over wanting him to kneel down.
2. Seeing “HOTDOG” while the promotion of hotdog is going on, he seems interested in it
3. Baby Jonghyun can’t resist seeing the yummy hotdog
4. Ahh your lips is not cute here ? I am not an ANTI fans
5. He really wants to eat it!!
6. But still it is not given to him and he turn away..
7. Trying to be funny and do ageyo see those small eyes
8. who made this doll angry TTT

[Jonghyun] i did not see it ?i did not see it? I GOT IT! I GOT THE HOTDOG SAW?!
[Staff] saw. Our doll did well !
9. This is the hotdog i got, got a cup of ice, Jonghyun is going back to the room delievered out 100 boxes of hot dog, let’s pray for the children and smile .

foundSource: weibo / english trans: Forever_SHINee 5th admin / re-uploaded: TONGHYUN @ Soompi SHINee thread

List of Magazines that Will Feature SHINee in June and July

5 / 12 (목) "ELLE girl" - Interview
5 / 27 (금) "ASIAN PLACE" - Cover face + Interview
5 / 27 (금) "B - PASS" Interview
6 / 3 (금) "오리 ★ 스타" ("Our ★ Stars") - Interview series (will be published on 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/1)
6 / 7 (화) "Duet" - Interview
6 / 8 (목) "TVぴあ" - Interview
6 / 9 (목) "ぴあ" - Interview
6 / 9 (목) "Hanako" - Interview
6 / 12 (일) "ELLE girl touch" - Interview
6 / 14 (화) "WHAT 's IN?" - Interview
6 / 22 (목) "韓流ぴあ" - Interview
6 / 22 (목) "anan" - Interview
6 / 23 (목) "美的" - Interview
6 / 23 (목) "Ray" - Solo series ( will be published on 7/23, 8/23, 9/23, 10/23)
6 / 23 (목) "SODA" - Cover face + Interview
6 / 24 (금) "MYOJO" - Interview
6 / 24 (금) "月刊ハイビジョン" - Interview
6 / 24 (금) "月刊スカパー" - Interview
6 / 24(금)月刊TVガイド - Interview
6 / 24(금)"TVタロウ" - Interview
6 / 24(금)スカパー!ガイド - Interview
6 / 28 (화)"ELLE Japan" - Interview
7 / 22(금)"haru*hana" - Interview
7 / 24(일)"スカパー!e2ガイド - Interview

source: DC SHINee | shared by: [N]hi_[R]ie @soompi

Uri Taemin is grown up and everybody seems fall into him suddenly. Kekeke. I am counting on ELLE actually! Their photo shoot usually great <3 But all of them have interview side, kyaaaaaa, I will wait for them all T^T Hope there's English translation too. XD

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