[News] SHINee ‘Boys Night Out in Paris’

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source: sport chosun, Subbing SHINee, reuploaded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!

Vogue Korea took photos of backstage stars. The pictorial has snapshots of the concert hall heated with a crowd of fans, passionate performances of SM Town singers, and their real expressions on backstage. It also captures the journey from the departure of 31 singers of 5 teams, 120 staff members, and press reporters, through their arrival in Paris, rehearsal, and successful performances, to their departure again for their schedules.

W Korea captured their natural looks: f(x) on streets and shopping, SHINee having a night out in Paris, Super Junior’s concept of a playful surprise raid into boys’ dorm, DBSK’s concept of “men’s qualifications” in a formal suit, and SNSD’s Parisienne concept.

source: Sport Chosun, english trans: jujugal @Subbing SHINee

GOSH! I've discussed about these pics with my friends and they absolutely agree Jjong's muscle was the most attractive one. Beside, his standing position is made by chance in order he didn't look so short XD, kekeke. And Onew is the most sangtae ever! Can't deny 2min was soooo cool, should I call them cool couple? Minho must learn him how to act cool in fornt of camera =,=

Maybe you realize same thing with me! Look at third  pic, someone remind me by comment "To the people who watched Inception, isn’t that the same place that Cobb & Ariadne went into for the dream? It’s also the same place where Mal stabbed Ariadne and woke her up from the dream? Am I right?" 

It's totally allright!!! It seems same place, that’s was cobb and ariadne (the mazemaker, kekeke) breaking the huge glasses XD and his wife suddenly distract his mind XD (sorry for spoiler). I would never forget that scene, really impressive, as impressive as Taemin goon XD

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