[Video] SHINee for Maypole Song (=^,^=)

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credit: jujugal0718 @youtube

credit: Maypole, reuploaded by: Taemin Forever

Oh my gosh, I think I will fall every time I finish hear this song. I love the way Maypole promote their product by hiring SHINee, because whatever they wear, it always look like branded CF, keke. Okay, I know it's too late to share this song, but I think I should because this song is highly recommended especially for your morning call, I give u a guarantee you will wake up soon after hear Onew/Minho/Jjong's voice XD

I hope I can find full lyric of this song because I am addicted too much with this song. As long as I know, this song's contain words (like jujugal said) "I am here, always by your side, where you can touch me if only you hold out your arm~"

Oh my god! I will definitely wake up by here this song XD

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