[Update] SHINee Taemin @Hanmadang Charity Event Osaka (20110522)

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credit: DC SHINee Gallery, shared by: Subbing SHINee, reuploaded by Taemin Forever
still in low quality pictures, but that's okay, it will not decrease Taemin's Beauty

High Quality Fancam (Must See!)

[source: obo0525@ youtube]
I'll  just summarize the news ^^" "Foreign idol who are popular before debut"
● Didn't debut in Japan yet but their 2 songs (replay / hello) from their upcoming single ranked daily no.1 in chaku-uta!
● According to Tower records, The CD reservation status is twice than other artists in Japan!
● 100,000 applications for the 1st solo concert!
● 20,000 people/fans came to see SHINee at Osaka.
● After Tohoshinki, No wonder SHINee will be the big idol group ~
● A fan came from Fukuoka, and another one queued since the morning 3 days before the event.
● "SHINee have small faces" They are very great!
Announcer: Which artist do you want to see?
Fan: SHINee!
Announcer: Which Part of SHINee do you like?
Fan: Everything~~!!
●  hallyu wave is already "natural" in Japan.
● SHINee is tohoshinki's little brother.
● The woman said SHINee is so cute , a group made for oneesan's (noonas) and she praised how Kpop idols are perfect in everything.
● The announcer said SHINee is like Japan's Arashi.
● They are gonna promote this summer and they are sure that SHINee will make it big.
● "韓ファン" (Kan-fun) a Kpop news paper sells 150,000 every week.

Credit and English translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

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