Count Down: SHINee 3rd Annniversary

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@SHINee WORLD Street, Seoul, South Korea.

HELLO, darling! Happy birthday to my SHINee ROMEOs. Sorry if I can't give you anything, meanwhile you can take me and my life as your LAST GIFT. No matter if I can't breathe anymore because your LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN for me. Even you always act like a LUCIFER, you always love me your JULIETTE and I always feel like a SHINee GIRL.

You are my melody and FOUR SEASONS to me. You are my winter, my spring, my lovely summer days. You are also my best A.MI.GO. That's why when I feel upset and locked up myself IN MY ROOM, I will SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME. Because there's no other BEST PLACE except Y.O.U!

You are my LIFE, you are the ONLY ONE FOR ME and there's no ROMANTIC word can describe my LOVE'S WAY to you.Thanks to you because you always support me and STAND BY ME!

And last, there will be a party in QUASIMODO Street to celebrate your birthday. Hope you'll be in time because we will jump UP AND DOWN, GET DOWN and singing A-YO! and also dance RING DING DONG.

from your love, JOJO
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credit: Taemin Forever 

Every 25th of May, SHINee celebrate their debuted day and they will be born as more mature idols at the same time. As time passed by, they have all grown up and SHINe always. 

Thirty minute from now, they will officially being 3 years old together with smile, with cry,  with happiness blend with all emotions. They also face the world bravely, inspiringly and give so many courage to their fans over the world. Nothing can say, me and Taemin Forever only hope the best for them all.

Let's grow together with them, become more mature, mature not only about gain another years of your life, but also realize abut what is the world is. Older means wiser p(^.^)v

GBU, Taemin cs!

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