[Update] SHINee for Japanese Replay MV (Teaser + Screen Caps)

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[Video Cut]

[Screen Caps]
 credit: emimusicjapan @youtube, captured by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!
total pics: 18 pics

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Whoaaaaaa, may I comment? It's daebak! Totally! I love their movement, their styles (especially when Taemin use blue jacket), what a good blending (Taemin's hair is red and his jacket is blue kekeke, what should I say? I am not a fashion holic, so no matter Taemin's cloth, shoe whatever wearing is always branded for me). I don't know how long Taemin will get his part but some people said it will be longer than original or remix version. Some said Taemin will take some of Jonghyun's parts. Whoa, Taemin is reborn as real entertainer and nothing I can say but HOPE REAL MV WILL COME SOON! XDDD

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