[Pic] Lee Taemin (SHINee) @Samsung Event (20110503) from My Fairy

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put your attention on the leg keke
credit: myfairy II shared by anju_angel @soompi, reuploaded by taeminforever II please do not hot link!
Another pic spams, keke. Hii everybody! Miss me? *kick* Lately, new Taemin fansites grew just like mushrooms did  just like Taemin -spread easily- Talk about Taemin's Fansite (especially from Korea and China), there are so many of them are so fantastic elastic For example this My Fairy. Their photos are not as clear and focus as Lee Play or Fantasister or In Taemin or Taem Tree, but My Fairy's photos have their good point that may be become its strength. I love the angle of them and may be it's only my own opinion, but maybe My Fairy's shots make Taemin looks triple handsome. And... I love its watermark. So sparkling ^^

I don't know yet, where is this site come from, but I will try to seek it. For all of us shake keke.

2 ♥♥♥:

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