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Hello Taemints, I think I am about to change the way I share Taemin pic spams. I will give you easy step to download all Taemin's pics in every single post by .zip form from now. You just have to click the sentence "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!" to download all photo thumbnails in the post.

Don't click the pics because it's not the real size, okay? You will get the real size (real bigger) of those pic by download them in .zip form. Hope you get the instruction well. 

Taemin Forever also will change the header site. Not because we hate the old one but the consideration is: Our Taemin has changed his hairstyle and color. And I think it's a good chance to re-new the header with new style too. But if I think the new one is bored, so I will change it immediately. Hope you understand.

And the last information you should know, Taemin Forever has found so many Taemin's Korean Fansite which are provide soooo many pic spams over there (and shot lively when the event held). You can see them all in the left link labeled "Regular Credit" "Affiliation" "Big Thanks". For recommendation, you can visit: Fantasister, Taem Tree, Oh! My Fairy, In Taemin, Taem Bless You and baby2min to see 2min couple. But no worry, all of them are gorgeous sites ^^. Please credit them properly if you take out and reupload the pics from there.

Tha's all I want to tell you.
regard, yuiayumisakurai

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