[NEWS] SHINee News Update! (20110512)

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SHINee Invited to Perform @MTV VMAJ tio Represent Korea

SHINee will perform at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan as a group representing Korea.
The MTV channel will host the “MTV Video Music Aid Japan” (MTV VMAJ) to be aired all over Asia at 6 p.m., June 25.

The guest stars include global stars like Lady Gaga, Japan’s top girl group AKB48, national group Exile, best under rock band Monkey Majik, and German popular rock band Tokio Hotel.
SHINee are due to start activities in Japan with their first debut single Replay in June. The local press is showing heated interest in the news of SHINee’s participation in the event.

SHINee successfully finished the “First Concert in Tokyo – SHINee World,” which was held in the Yoyogi National Stadium last December with 24,000 audiences. The MTV event is significant as the first stage for them to prove their potential as the next Korean Wave stars in Japan.
Another interest at stake is whether SNSD will win triple awards in the best group video, the best video, and the best karaoke awards in the MTV VMAJ.

The question is which song they will sing? Replay Japanese version or Lucifer? hmm…

credit to ppbn@newsen.com
english trans by Subbing SHINee

I hope it will be both XD

Another SHINee Schedule (May to September 2011)

(Updated 5/13)
May 14 – Tokyo Legend
May 15 – The 4th K-POP SUPER LIVE (Tokyo)
May 16 – Jonghyun Immortal Masterpiece 2
May 21 – Onew Minho Music Core
May 22 – Korean Culture Hanmadang for East Japan Earthquake Relief  (Osaka)
May 23 – Minho as Youth Ambassador to attend 2011 Youth Week Celebration (COEX Auditorium)
May 23 – Jonghyun to film KBS 2TV Immortal Masterpiece 2
May 28 – Onew Minho Music Core / Dream Concert?
June 4 – Onew Minho Music Core
June 10~11 – SM Live in Paris
June 15 – MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ Fukuoka
June 16 – MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ Osaka
June 19 – Live at London Abbey Road Studios
June 22 – Debut Single Replay to be released
June 25 – MTV VMAJ – Tokyo
July  - Replay promotion (TV programs + 5 city premium reception events)
August 13 or 20 – SHINee solo concert in Nanjing
Sept 3~4 – SM Live in Tokyo

* This is not complete. To be updated with more information out.
* The schedule seems too tight for Onew and Minho to continue to MC from June…

credit: Subbing SHINee

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