[Pics] SHINee Taemin @Their Hairstylist Wedding (20110409)

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Taemin @Curly Again

Cute Song Joongki's Twin Onew
Where is Taemin? Is he hiding behind your back? kekeke

Taemin learn how to propose to a girl? It must be you, taemints! *anticipating*

What are you looking at Jonghyun? Kekeke

Smiley Cutie Taeminnie
Taemin...You are right man on wrong place!

Taemin tried to perform solo, but...

Key sabotaged him

Now, his turn again.
Taemkey, miss this couple since Taemin grow more handsome than Key taller.

Nothing to say, kekeke

Pure Handsome Taeminnie

Ahh, miss his comeback!
Oh, Taemkey again.
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