[Pics] SHINee For Kanken Bag (Auction) Ad

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Who Wanna Buy One of Them? (I mean the bags! Not for SHINee, LOL)
If You Wanna Buy SHINee, It's Separatedly Sold , kekeke, kidding!
TaemKey Moment!
TaemKey again! kekeke
Taemin Only and Forever Solo! kekeke
Onew's Condition
Key Condition
New Bag Hugging Trend Created by SHINee Minho, kekeke
Please buy one of them or you'll make SHINee cry!
credit: as tagged, shared by: Lucky☆Key&SHINeeNIHS and Baid, reuploaded by taeminforever.blogspot.com/please do not hotlink!

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