SHINee Macro Session V (Just For Fun)

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oops...Minho's been caught


Don't really trust what you heard.

Key's pregnant?

Wow, this is the first time I see Jjong cute o.O

Don't understand but...

Cause you're so...beautiful


Hanchul=Taemin? Totally agree!

Death of laugh

Totally the same!

Need mask?

This is scene of film named: Chicken Run!


I am Blind!!!!!***

Ddangkoma and ddangkoma omma?

This is called: bland with nature!

Taemin Senior was seducing Eeteuk

New Style of Korean "Irreplaceable"

Where did you learn that words? Ah! Heechul! I forgot that you are Heechul jr!
credit: reuploded by do not hot link!

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