SHINee Macro Session IV (Just For Fun)

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Who's the man whispering @key's ear?



ManMinhowhore jr was born!

No Chicken=yelling Onew

Mariah Jjong Carey

Heechul jr is in action

More suitable case?

Greedy Jjong!

Umma Key likes being flirted?

Second chance from Jjong means: OBLIGATE!

Taemin grows as...naughty clever boy

Don't ever trust your eyes!

Key is always be mad

Curious about what is Key doing? Use your own imagination!

After Key said that, cake arrived safely on his face then!

When Minho was cheating on him, would see an angel cried

It's just up to Key's choice...because he's almighty.

Taemin is cuter, huh?

Look @Taemin expression. Feels like that will be third world war.
credit: dari reuploaded by do not hotlink!

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