SHINee Macro Session III (Just For Fun)

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BEWARE!!!! Rating PG 17++

Wanna know how to be success? Give him a lolypop, or ice cream! 

LOL see what I mean? i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m!

Now I quite understand why jail is always full since 1993 :P


SHINee's crime no.1 is...being colorful?

Camp Rock 3 with SHINees Brotha, with ost: Noona nomu Beautiful!

The most dangerous crime that Taemin always does is...being cute?

LOL. Now Taemin understand, world is not always telling the truth!

Taemin is about to...cry?

LOL...Minho is a fireman amazing

wrong pitch? Guess he needs resuscitation

Minho is not all?

Taemin is slower than we thought?

Does anybody know...Taemin is a jealously boy!

Look @Taemin's expression! LOL

Do you know Key is a...umbrella seller?

Do you know about this CF? It's new! Trust me, it will make your father loves you more...

Key is doing...plagiarism again?

Onew is always be...alone!

I don't know what does he mean, but he's cute ^_^

Who teach our maknae...about telling a lie?

Jjong breaks his stupid pure heart again

Maknae is always be...alone!
credit:, pud-in's @photobucket,,, onelastlove.tumblr, reuploded by do not hot link!

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