SHINee Macro Session VI (Just For Fun)

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Trust me, this habbit is not ONEW SANGTAE. This is called ONEW's INSTING!

New style of greeting people?

NASA in costum

Trust me the bug doesn't bit!

He is...single fake lady

Trust me it's not Lady Gaga's MV

Flaming overload Charisma

Greedy Taemin was...scary

We are not publishing yet Taeminnie, please keep you head down!

Don't ever be trapped by...Taemin's cute crime!

I think this (cute) way is really work Onew-sshi!

Don't ever do this in front people guys! Everyone's watching!

Taeminnie-mouse baby is really learning something!

Cheating Baby Maknae

That tounge...You should control anyway whatever happen, Onew-sshi!

What's wrong with... Key?

Under Parents Watch!

Minho's manwhore

Trust me this is scene of film named "Tarzan in the city"
credit: reuploaded by do not hotlink!

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