[News] SHINee Interview Post 2011 K-Friends concert (111210)

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During their short stay in Taiwan November 20th and 21st, SHINee participated in the K-Friends Concert 2011. They took a return flight to Korea in the afternoon of the 21st and hence wwer able to conduct an exclusive interview with Taiwanese TV program "I Love JK" early in the morning on the 21st.

The interview aired on December 5th. The host commented that from their performance the previous night, he realized that their conversational Chinese abilities are quite good. The host then asked the members to say some phrases or words they knew in Chinese. Jonghyun and Key both told Taemin to go first. Taemin then said they learn words used mostly in daily conversations such as "I don't understand," "Sorry," and "It's okay," which he spoke on the spot. Onew said when they visit, they will usually try to remember the vocabulary, grammar, and tongue twisters they have learned.

The host then said that the members probably had a really memorable stay because the fans celebrated both Onew and Minho's birthdays in advance yesterday at the concert. Onew commented that indeed it was very memorable and they appreciate all that the fans have done for them. They then spoke about their collaboration stages during SMTOWN concerts around the world and their feelings on performing with their seniors and juniors. The members were then asked how they manage to maintain the clarity of their skin. Key commented, "I personally think drinking water is important. So I think it has to be water and sleep," to which Onew agreed immediately. However Key immediately said that it is not easy to achieve this because you may be able to drink enough water but be sleep deprived. He added in that cleansing your face is of the utmost importance.

They were then asked what other places they would like to visit that they have yet to go. In reply to this, Jonghyun said that he would like to visit the Middle East and they would like to the chance to visit South America since they have already been to Europe and the United States. Minho added that visiting new places is good but returning to those they have already visited is also great.

Minho then revealed that one time while watching "Dream Team" he saw the host on it and was quite surprised. The host hoped that he will get the chance to go on the show with Minho in the future. They then moved on to their first activity. The members took turns drawing and the last person had to guess the picture. If the last person could answer correctly then they would get to drink pearl milk tea.
The members were then asked what they would like to do for this year's Christmas. Jonghyun said they would like to spend it together merrily since they will not be in Korea to spend Christmas this year. They will instead be spending it abroad in another country because they have an overseas performance during Christmas. Minho chimed in that after their debut, there was one time where they spent Christmas in Taiwan and in the future they would like to have a Christmas party with Taiwanese fans.

They then talked about their first Japanese album which was released on December 7th. Jonghyun said the hardest obstacle for them was the pronunciation and that he found "Replay" became harder due to some changes. Taemin then gave a short dance performance of a part of "Lucifer" on the show. Minho then explained that although they debuted in Japan, their first reception was held in London at Abbey Road Studios and that they felt very honored and that is what made their debut so meaningful and successful. When asked if any of their seniors had given them advice about being successful in the Japanese music industry, Jonghyun replied that someone had told him the secret is "language." To be able to understand the culture, its people, and the tone used during conversation is important.

The host then said because it was still early that they had prepared Chinese style breakfast for the members. Jonghyun also said that due to their hectic schedule their three meals a day are not very regular. When asked what Koreans eat for breakfast, Minho said rice and also kimchi. They then proceeded to the guessing game. They listened to one second of their own song and competed to guess what song it was. Those that guessed correctly were able to get an order of Chinese breakfast. The choices of food included Chinese doughnuts, water steamed buns, rice rolls, salty beancurd/soymilk, and egg crepes with Chinese doughnuts. In the midst of competing to answer, many funny happenings occurred including Jonghyun raising his hand first to answer but failing to hear the music, Key sharing his food with Onew, Jonghyun tricking Taemin to eat his food with the plastic wrapped on, and more. In closing, the host said that these foods were also tried by Super Junior M during their long stay in Taiwan. The host said that he would welcome SHINee anytime for a long stay in Taiwan.

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