[News] Missing Santas Were Never Been Found At Shibuya

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Before you may found leaflet contain announcement of Missing Santas, reincarnated from SHINee. just like picture in left. 

That Santas were said would appeared at Shibuya, Japan (December, 06th 2006). Yes, it was The First promotion event that would be held there. Unfortunately, that event were never been happened due to overloaded people crowd the street. 

The5santa twitted: "We wanted to give a surprise to everyone by showcasing SHINee's new songs to celebrate their first Japanese album. Unfortunately, we have to cancel the event for safety reasons, because there were too many people. We are sorry.."

news source: the5santa twitter, soundtracklove @soompi
edited by: Taemin Forever
the picture is not belong to Taemin Forever, credit to owner, source: Soompi SHINee Thread#2

Well, it was unwanted and disappointed moment, but its unpredictable too. I know someday, SHINee will give another surprise. With more special moment  ^^v

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