[News] Revealing Taemin's Idea About College

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Everybody has right to study. But, they also has right to refuse and don't take their right due to their own reason. In Korea, every year when November comes to a close, high school senior (3rd year in high school) stars debate whether or not they should apply for scheduled or unscheduled admissions to school. The 2012 College Admission Exam will take place in two days, and among the student pool are stars who are opting out of it.

Everyone has a different view on whether or not stars should go to college after high school. Some netizens commented, “It would look better to see them try when they actually can and want to rather than going with the crowd on this matter,” “The attitude towards the mock test is changing, it seems,” and more.

I won’t be taking the mock test…I’m focusing more on my career currently

Our precious baby Lee Taemin is one of stars whohas final decision to not take the mock test either. His party has claimed, “Taemin won’t be taking the College Entrance Exam because we decided that he wasn’t ready to take it.”

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Actually, it will be wiser if Taemin continue his study to college when he get ready to take the exam. But it's too hard to handle his career and his study simultaneously at the same time. But, whatever his decision is, we just able to support him from behind. We know he took the best decision to himself and his life.

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