[Video] 2Min @Wedding Ceremony (20110714)

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credit: twominplace

In Soompi SHINee Thread, this site has been hot topic lately. It's due to "reuploadd" matter. There are so many Youtube user reuploaded video from Korean Site, for example this Twomin Place. This site is booming lately because it provide so many gorgeous 2min fancam, lucky for you 2min-shipper! But there is a simple rule for international Shawol who want to enjoy their fancam, it's only one simple rule for not re-uploading the video! You just need to enjoy them at site directly!
I know how does K-noonas' feeling after see this video spreading over here and over there. That makes this site is partially restricted for international viewer.

Oh, that's not good news T__T I don't know what should we do if all of k-noonas has same feeling then close all access to international Shawol. Just like my fave site: Fantasister. It's just because International Shawols can't follow the rule well. 

we might judge and blame the youtube uplaoder but I think the youtube uploader is not totally wrong. Maybe they are just too innocent and didn't knoo how to read hangeul so excitedly reuploaded and spread them as much as they can just like they found a rare treasure.
For all of Shawol shake, we International Shawol should follow the rule well. If you can't read hangeul please do not reuplaoded anything from the site, unless you get sure about reuploaded authority is not prohibited ^^

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