[Video] SHINee @Recochoku Interview

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(Inferior to the camera function, voice quality or bad quality sorry ・・)

credit: cr: akikoharamaki @youtube, TONGHYUN @soompi

credit: ohatoms and linyin @soompi
Who is the most shiest boy over all SHINee member???
Who is the most intersting boy over all SHINee member???

Definitely, YOU Taeminnie!

Full Trans
All: Hello, we are SHINee.
Q: Who is the shyiest member?
J: That's easy. 123 (all point at Taemin)
J: yes, Taemin goon tell ask us why?
K: is not that he is shy. he is more shy of strangers.
T: I can't look at a person eyes when first met.
J: try to look at camera.
T: is not first time I look at camera anymore.
All: ahhh.. that's right.
J: sometime Taemin's whole face would turn red.
J: Is good he still cute now but next year how he will change.

Q Who the most gag sense/interesting?
M: It remind me one person.
J: let say it together. 123
J&O: Taemin 2, Onew 2, Jong 1.
All: ohhhh....
J: all our member is interesting. why choose Taemin?
M: lately, he gag sense improved. (laugh)
J: Taemin improved?
M: yes, really improved. really shock.
M: Before 10 times jokes 10 times boring. lately there 2, 3 jokes very funny.
J: so he really improved.
K: Just now I didn't think about it but he is very funny lately.
J: If you ask how are you feel about Taemin. because he is very cute.
People would see him and smile.
M: his movement is really funny too.
K: Yesterday, we talk about teeth when 50 years old.
if we don't brush our teeth. the teeth become like 50 years old.
Taemin come and said " ek? there 50 teeth?"
what are you talking! he is very natural kid.
all: Please listen to recochoku. This is SHINee! Thank you.

cr: Withtaemin
Trans: linyin@soompi
Translation from Chinese. not 100% accurate 

keke Taemin was teased by his hyung. Look at uri shy boy expression when he got teased. *^^*

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