[News] SHINee Taemin’s Growth Blast Attracted Netizens’ Attention.

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Someone made a post titled “SHINee Taemin’s growth blast” with related photos on an online community board.

The photo shows Taemin’s growth from his debut days until now. Taemin, born in 1993, is 19 years old. He debuted when he was only 16 in 2008.

SHINee noona fans could not hide their fluttering hearts as Taemin who looked like a baby grows up to become a fine young man. They are surprised by Taemin’s look with a chic manly charm.

With regard to Taemin’s growth blast, netizens are saying, “He was like a baby whatever he did before, but now he has become a man,” “I feel the scent of a man from him,” “Noona’s heart is beating at his sight.”

Taemin baby is growing well *sobbing*, just I always said =,= *feels like a mom who raise her child well* Taemin gains more noona fans =,= And the noonas still labeled pedos kekeke, he haven't  reached 20 yet, he's still illegally owned, kekeke. Good job Taemin! ^^b

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