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Guys, sorry for this information, but I think I should tell you this bad news. I am on my duty in college that I can't deny no matter how hard I try to manipulate the time! So I will not take so many time on blogging for up to 2 months. I know it's a quite long time to take "some rest" from blogging stuff but I will keep updating this site but it will not be as much as usual! I will post some reviews or news that will not take so many times and I think I will not post photos especially huge scale photos/images. I know it's too early too say this and I think this is my worst decision that I should take because there's no other way to handle this situation. I think from now till 8 weeks later I will not get my own real rest time because I will be in difficult and rush time. I hope all of you Taem's Fever will understand my situation. I promise I will be back after finish this duty. Hope I am lucky and get all good time in my studying time. I am gonna miss you and miss this blog and Taemin so bad T^T *cry a lot*


Before I end this conversation I've prepared a video to you (look at video above!) That's the first I make my fan fiction by using video, I know it's still messy cause I still didn't check other video and this is the first time I use video editor (after take a long time seducing my brother to teach me handle this soft ware).

Last, FYI, my account is still be updating if I could do that, so please stay tune and check out the new info below this post ^^ hope I can fulfill my best time in both duties (college and blogging). All right that's all I can say, hope you enjoy the video and please wait for my come back from this semi hiatus =^,^=

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  • Anonymous said...

    Oh my gosh. I thought you meant that Taemin was leaving SHINee. TT_TT
    Thank god he's not though.
    I hope to see you back soon!!~~

  • taeminforever said...

    Nooo darling! It wouldn't be happened T^T
    sorry for this ambiguity news, Hope other won't get this news wrong XD

    I hope I will be back soon, I think this 8 weeks is the busiest and hectic time all time in my college time T^T

    Hope I still alive while finish my duty *hyperbolic* kekeke

  • Dan said...

    hahah sorry for the late response!!! i just saw your comment!! great blog!!! ^^ guess i'll have to wait two months u.u....I hope to see you back soon!!~~

  • taeminforever said...

    @yudi: hii yudi ^^ welcome to my world XD
    @Dan: heyyy, your blog is so cool! I hope I can visit your blog again. So many interesting picture there. Hope you will update more funny moment of SHINee (I love your ontae picturs XD)

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