[News] SHINee Will Appear on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke

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source: tumblr, DC Shinee Gallery via Subbing SHINee
The next broadcast schedule: June 22 (Wednesday) 25:40  ~ midnight ON AIR
Next Sakigake! Is
Holidays! 10th anniversary! ! w-inds. do it! !
VTR look back after another 10 years after his debut! !
And now the other members, said that feel?
Popular Korean male group SHINee appeared!
Coming to a shopping location and studio analyst pledged to Hirai KAORI &!!
In addition, the solo debut of # 1 is finally election Atsuko Maeda AKB!
The surprising aspect of her! !

(Cast regard airtime, there could suddenly be changed without notice.)

source: fuji tv, english trans: Taemin Forever via google trans 

I still didn't know what show it is, but still looking foward for this show ^^v Hope it will be subbed and shared of course. Look at Taemin! He said on Daily Focus interview he maintains his body with diet properly and don't do snack, but in those pics above seems like he is the one who enjoy eating most XD

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