[Interview] SHINee Q&A With Daily Focus Readers

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Whose Japanese is the best and worst?
  • Minho: The best speaker is Key! I think the worst is me. I’ll study harder.
  • Key: It may sound like I’m boasting, but I think I’m the best speaker because I started watching Japanese dramas and movies earlier than other members.
Taemin has grown taller. How tall is he now?
  • Taemin: About 177~178 cm.
How do you maintain your body shape?
  • Minho: I work out regularly. And I try to eat well.
  • Key: I think it’s helpful to do a diet in the evening.
  • Jonghyun: I work out and do a diet.
  • Onew: I don’t do any special maintenance.
  • Taemin: I work out regularly and don’t do snacking.
What do you do in the waiting room?
  • We chat or play with members. We also listen to music.
In which country are you most popular?
  • Well, it’s hard to tell where we are most popular. We are always grateful that fans all over the world are interested in us and love us.
I want to have children like SHINee. What dreams did your parents have in the conception of you? And what did you eat to grow up to become so fine?
  • Minho: Um…thanks to meals mom made with love?
  • Key: I think I’ve matured up thanks to diverse experiences.
  • Jonghyun: I heard it was a dream related to peach.
  • Onew: I think it’s because I have a balanced diet without eating only what I want.
  • Taemin: I heard there was a big toad inside our house in the conception dream.  I think I grew up well thanks to meals mom made. ^^
I saw an article you participated in City Hunter OST. Which member is closest to the city hunter character?
  • Jonghyun: I think it’s Minho.
I’m curious about your ideal types. And the reason.
  • Minho: Someone who looks good in long straight hair, smiles pretty, and is kind-hearted!
  • Key: I like a girl who is stylish and good in self-discipline. And I hope she is passionate both in work and love.
  • Jonghyun: I like someone who looks pretty when smiling.
  • Onew: I like a girl who has her own thoughts and is frank.
  • Taemin: I like a girl whose heart is unchanging like a sunflower.
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source: Subbing SHINee, reuploaded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link

I think sunflower is too much changing (it looks for sun light? o.O)
someone told me what is the meaning of his sweetest words XD, here it is: "I think he means tht sunflower is always looking for the sun and nth else. Hehehe...taemin is the sun and i'll b the sunflower tht only look @ him ^^"

Well, I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard, I think get missunderstood first but now I realize our Taemin is always be our sun ^^ and give us his SHINing Light which empower us every day, boost us up when we down with his smile ^^v

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