[News] SHINee Japan Debut Single Promotion in Shibuya

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It is installed on 109 Men’s building in Sibuya. The day is coming up!

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6月21日(火)~6月28日(火)の期間中に渋谷109MEN’Sで お買物をして頂いたお客様の中から抽選で5組10名様に、東京で開催される「SHINee JAPAN PREMIUM RECEPTION IN TOKYO」へご招待!

Info TopNew ReleaseMediaLive (2011.06.13)
SHINee × 109MEN’S campaign decided! 
From June 21 (Tuesday) to June 28 (Tuesday), Sibuya 109 MEN’S will invite 10 people in 5 sets at random from customers who shop with us to “SHINee JAPAN PREMIUM RECEPTION IN TOKYO”!
We are handing out the application form along with shopping items during the campaign period. The box is placed next to the escalator on the seven floor of Shibuya 109 MEN’S. Please fill out and mail the application form. Only those who are selected will be notified of the reception date and place.
source: 109MEN’S Home 
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I've heard that place is center of glamorous boutique district in Japan. Whoaa, no wonder why Taemin,cs was liked in Japan, because like SHINee Key said on Mezamashi TV, Japanese fans are quite sensitive, especially about fashion. ^^ And lately, Taemin dress well, every time we see him in airport looks like Fashion CF's keke (my friend linyin @soompi, even said that she wanted Taemin open his sunglasses and got eye contact with camera, it will be truly sunglasses' CF! Absolutely!) keke

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