[News] Degree of Expectation for Next Week’s New Singles

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  1. 301.10 前田敦子 (akb48′s Maeda Atsuko)
  2. 76.40 GreeeN
  3. 66.70 T.M.Revolution
  4. 56.60 SHINee
  5. 51.90 AAA
  6. 44.80 Dir en grey
  7. 34.20 ねごと
  8. 23.40 新選組リアン
  9. 18.40 つるの剛士
  10. 18.00 加藤ミリヤ
People say this is not absolute, but it can be a reference. DoE for SuJu was 34.1, and 49.9 for SNSD.
up by JHolic @ DC Shinee Gallery
taken via Subbing SHINee

According to this news spreading, there were so many comments about this and some Shawol was discussing about this chart. Honestly, I don't understand either what kind of expectation used degree? What kind od degree is it? Okay, I will give you the resume about the score
This expectation wass made by using Nikki scores (is a score chart). It’s a survey measuring the public interest in a single/album. The biggest score a single or an album can get is 400. There are different charts for singles and albums. 
Expecting SHINee to top the Oricon chart or sell over 100k is a bit unrealistic. Even Kara and SNSD worked in JP for months before they started selling over 30k, 50k and 100k & placed on the daily, weekly & monthly chart.

If SHINee sells over 50k on debut day, they will already be breaking records regardless of where they stand in the Oricon chart. Actually, even over 40k will be a great start already. Please look at it that way.

Well the thing is, this nikki chart is an estimate for 1st WEEK of sales. Nevertheless, if they can sell over 55K the first week, it’s good enough. Apparently how they estimate this is, they take a group of ppl from the population of buyers and do some kind of a survey? I’m not sure but I believe that’s how they get the proportion for these expected sales. I really wish the boys luck, feels like the pressure is on to be honest.

Whoa, if the news is true, you can see that SHINee competes the local artist well =^,^= TM Revolution is quite strong competitor but still, Atsuda Maiko is still the strongest. I heard she is like Yoona SNSD in Korea ^^v

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