[Interview] SHINee on Ori Suta

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[credit: TONGHYUN @soompi | Source: DC Shinee Gallery, shared by Subbing SHINee]

They look like back to Juliette days!

A side note: the number of SHINee’s scheduled interviews with all the Japanese magazines is amazing. People say it’s not because EMI is promoting SHINee hard, but it means SHINee’s debut is attracting the media’s attention that much. I heard that no Korean idols have been on the Japanese idol magazine Myojo, which is closely related to Johnny’s, Japan’s number one idol management company. It is very unusual, and k-shawols who know well about Jpop world are all amazed. Now the question is: it might be even possible for SHINee to appear on M-station the week the debut single comes out, or the next week if the single sells well???

Totally agree with TONGHYUN, SHINee has become ROMEO again! XD

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