[Scan] SHINee for Elle Girl Japan

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aaahhhh, ONTAE! *die*
love jongkey couple tooo ^^
ontae dominates room
taeminnieeee *shout*

jjongkey again, keke

minho forever alone ^^;;
credit: Subbing SHINee II reuploaded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!

Whoaaa, it's in the middle of the night and I am listening Joe Jonas~Gotta Find You. This song is so memorable. Keke. What I am talking about? Anyway, I uploaded those pic smanually again,  Fortunately, my image storage still has empty space to upload them. ^^

Okay. let's talk the main topic. Those pics are pic scan from jujugal (Subbing SHINee). It's not scan actually, it's photo from picture I think, hehehe. What ever, most important is: Taemin is handsome and Ontae is leading here please go back 2min keke.

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