[Pics] SHINee Taemin @TBS-R Walking Festival (20110528)

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credit: 샤갤, DC SHINee Gallery, shared by: Subbing SHINee and lala_land @soompi, reuploaded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!

Oh! My God, I love the way Taemin smiles, calm like ocean, but his river goes in to the deepest of his fans' hearts. And the first pic, I choose it, because I want  to show the world, how manly he is! XD I am totally melted, how 'bout you?

3 ♥♥♥:

  • TaemiNisa88 said...

    I very Love this Blog, but why nobody comment??
    please doing more promote admin...(^_*)

  • taeminforever said...

    @taeminisa88: thank you darling ^^v
    maybe you have blog too that's why you can feel what I feel ^^v

    As long as you steady visiting this blog, I will be happy, but I will be much happier when every invisible visitor here leave any sign, so we can be a good friend ^.^

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