[News] SHINee Taemin @KBS 2TV 100 School Variety

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Remember about Taemin will participate in KBS 2TV 100 School Variety? If you don't remember at all you can look at this news under spoiler below

Now I will be back in other spoiler. what was Taemin doing there? You will love Taemin more because he's so fantastic elastic ring ding dong in physical train. Keke, let's see what was really happen there.

 SHINee Taemin is Master of Throw

SHINee Taemin, the ‘closer’ of flower beauty in the male idol world, surprised everyone by exuding charisma with his splendid basketball skills.

On the day of KBS 2TV 100 School Variety “Idol Sports Competition” filming, Taemin participated in the men’s free throw game.

Each team was given 10 free throw chances, and Taemin was in a team with Beast Yoseop, FT Island Jonghoon, Minhwan, and Kim Sanghyuk.

After other members failed, Taemin in his turn showed his excellent skills by making 3 consecutive points.

The MCs as well as all the 50 players who were watching it were amazed by Taemin’s splendid free throw skills.

You will find whether Taemin continued to make points and brought victory to his team at 5:10 pm, May 14, on KBS 2TV.

[from Xsports News]
Trans by jujugal

Indeed! Taemin is master of throw! He can throw me into highest sky every time see him XD

Can't wait patiently!! I will share to you if someone kind to uploaded them with english sub of course.

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