[NEWS] SHINee News Update! (20110512)

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Which Korean Group Is Coming To Taiwan?


[SHINee - Greeting & Ring Ding Dong]

SHINee, who have been to Taiwan before to hold a fan party, also announces to hold a concert in Taiwan. SHINee is currently Korea's brightest Nova. Have many loyal fans' support in Taiwan. When the news was released, many fans started preparing to get tickets. Looks like the fans that want to see SHINee better make a fast move!

Even though it's called K-POP attack but fans' hearts are all excited. This summer, with so many idol singers coming to Taiwan, if want to see all of them then better start saving up some allowances.


Again we see SHINee. SHINee also decided to come to Taiwan to show their newest performance. Now obviously when SHINee arrives in Taiwan, because we know SHINee has infinite many fans who are young in age. I saw a really touching situation. Online there's some SHINee fans who are adults, older, so they decided to start an activity called "Take care of little SHINee". So if there's some fans who's age are younger and they have to come from south central region to Taipei to see the concert, OK, sister will take care of you. I think that the love between fans is really touching. In today's show, let's see, SHINee recently filmed a new clothing commercial in Korea.

We can see that for the brand they endorse, they have a new look. Wearing Spring and Summer clothings with the same amount of handsomeness. At the same time, many fans like SHINee, I think, is because they feel innoncence. Also because of their professional in music and dance. Even though we know that the K-POP attack is coming in waves, but it doesn't change their position in everyone's heart. The reason is because everytime we see them there's a feeling of growing up with them. Watching the members become adults and more mature and older but actually you are growing up yourself. I think seeing so many fans' discussions online and many have told us to introduce more of SHINee. OK that is not a problem. Hope when they come to Taiwan that they will be able to come to I Love JK and meet fans ok?

Now in today's show, we will next show friends SHINee's work. Recently because they didn't have any new productions, many fans have been missing them. Then today, we'll let all fans watch a song from SHINee. This song of SHINee is well known by everyone. The song name is Hello. Let's all watch.

[SHINee Hello MV]

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Elle Girl with SHINee Pictorial Due Out on May 17
@zadunamu kyeongah lee

8 yrs and 3 months since the birth of Elle Girl, 100th issue of Elle Girl comes out soon. SHINee Pictorial as a co-project with Elle Girl Japan, lots of columns celebrating the 100th issue, and three pretty booklets you’ll never see again, all these will be available at online and offline bookstores on May 17th. [from twitter]

English trans credit: Subbing SHINee

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