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[ID Card] front side
[ID Card] back side
Ehmmm *clearing throat* I and my sister are admins of Shawol Bali. Anyway do you know Bali? Don't kidding me if you don't! Even two of SNSD member have been here for making photograph. Jessica is one of them ^^. But it's not your fault if you don't know, let me tell you, Bali is one of tourism island with many beautiful, exotic fantastic ring ding dong XD view. Our island is famous with its beach. Do you know Memoirs of Bali? It's one of Korean Drama. Yeah, Bali is famous enough to korean people. ^^ You can search about Bali here

Okay what want to say is: I and my sister decided to make an identity of us (Shawol Bali). So, we tried to organized what should we prepare. And then we decided making logo, banner and shirt. All of them were made by some preparation and consideration, especially the shirt because I know it will take a lot of effort and money of course.

FYI, our group is newly formed. Its age does not reachi3 month yet. But I am the idealist one, so I think we have to prepare any identity sign for this newbie group immediately. So I take a risk to handle them all. After group had have a meeting (first hilarious gathering and of course a lot of fun and memorable! XD), so I started to make our identity such ID Card, Banner and Logo. They are contain a lot of trials and errors of course. Just like making a big proposal, I have to change this and that and this and that again. Keke

But that's okay, I was helped by my lovely brother to make logo and banner, so I am just fill data entry from recruitment data. And you should know this, it's not a simple task, not easy at all and I almost gave up because I can't arrage my schedule well.

But my brother (which is non-KPop yet), is sooooo kind help me to finish this project. He has good taste to design everthing. So he asked me to give him a picture that show SHINee's characteristic. And at that time I have no idea. I haven't thought about this before, my bad. But my brother has. He thought lucifer is one of their unique characteristic. So he started making this project done.

I know it has no meaning for anyone else except our group, but our group like I said is an hilarious group and we want to be proud as shawol. Yes, everybody has their own style to express their feeling.mBeside that we had have a plan to make another gather around last month of May XD, maybe we can gather to celebrate SHINee's 3 anniversary. Hope so, and we hope we can make the shirt finished in time.

Well, what an everlasting prologue keke. Okay then, last I want to show you my brother masterpiece hard works. I've just helped him by buying him some food or snack XD *kidding* 




this is one of shirt design sample contain all of member. it's front side anyway

it's backside ^^
 There are still 9 other variations design under spoiler

That's all guys. Sorry if I am not posting about Taemin's news update for now XD

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