[News] Taemin's New Hairstyle/ Color?

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credit: shineee.net, reuploaded by taeminforever.blogspot.com

Key and Taemin. Photo Credit: SHINee DC Gallery SHINee's May Japanese debut is almost here!A mastering engineer for Sonic Korea tweeted on April 21st that he was, “in the middle of mastering SHINee's Japanese debut single! This week, a SHINee fan community uploaded photos of Taemin with newly dyed red hair and Key with blond hair.

I don't know it's still rumor or not, but I got this damn cute curious picture about Lee Taemin's Hairstyle. It's purplish red/rubby in color, I love this pic even a teaser. I think it will suit his style a lot. Ahhh, I can't wait for the newest backstage or comeback. Missing him damn soooo much T^T

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  • TSLuna said...

    i highly doubt that its actually red. the photo could've been just extremely saturated or just very poor lighting (ive known incidents where bad quality photos and bad quality lighting left a black-haired person with bright purple hair in the photo)

  • Sakurai Ayumi said...

    @TSLuna, oh you can confirm that now, look at his hair now, its perfectly hot red ^^
    please look over here http://taeminforever.blogspot.com/2011/04/pics-ontae-patients-day-event-kangnam.html
    thanks for coming and leave comment here ^^

  • Anonymous said...

    i think its really red.. what with maknae and their weird colour choice they had to sporting but it does look good on him... in hello they made his hair orange..
    it orange and *gasp* it does look good on him..
    For me any colour but not the bowl cut...

  • taeminforever said...

    keke, you are right. May be if Taemin didn't show his talent playing piano, I will not attracted by his look because his first performance in Noona Nomu Yeppeo he didn't this charmed XD

    Thanks to God and my friend who opened my eyes by showing his real side, and now I realize how precious he is. He's my new world ^^

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