[News] SHINee to Have Japanese Debut in June (20110426)

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credit: soompi news, reuploaded by taeminforever.blogspot.com

It was announced today (april, 26th 2011) on SHINee's Japanese web site shinee.jp that they will release their Japanese debut single on June 22. Their single will feature Japanese versions of their past hit songs "Replay" and "Hello", with a regular edition and limited editions. A new concept photo, seen above, was also revealed on the homepage of their site.

Release Info:
JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM Version(Complete Limited Edition)

 Specification: Luxurious Sleeve Case / Digital Package / Luxurious PHOTO BOOKLET
CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET 68 Pages + Bonus Trading Card [All 6 cards, one random card]
Price: 2,500yen

3.Replay [Korean ver.]
4.Hello [Korean ver.]

Replay Music Video
Replay Teaser
Replay Dance Music Video

Regular Edition
Specifications:PHOTO BOOKLET
 CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET 44 Pages + Bonus Postcard
Price: 1,500yen

1. Replay

Replay Music Video
Replay Teaser
Replay Jacket Shooting Sketch
Replay Music Video Shooting Sketch

- JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM Edition, Limited Edition DVD might also be included for content changes.
- JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM PHOTO BOOKLET board and the contents of the normal edition is different.  

EMI Music Japan has also released SHINee's message to Japanese fans about their upcoming debut on youtube today.

credit: Sylphid @soompi

Jonghyun's back! ^^
I heard they will perform Replay in Japanese Version with new concept: Taemin will be dancer, Minho will be Athlete, Key will be designer, and Onew...will be painter, kekeke. Our Hilarious and perfect Onew will potray a painter, what a lovely.

English Trans
Everyone from Japan, this is SHINING SHINee *bows*
Onew: Nice to meet you, I'm Shining SHINee's Leader "Onew"
Jonghyun: Hello, I'm SHINee's Bling Bling "Jonghyun"
Taemin: Hello, I'm SHINee's maknae "Taemin"
Minho: Hello, I'm SHINee's Flaming Charisma "Minho"
Key: Hello, I'm SHINee's Almighty Key "Key"

Onew: Finally, we will make our Japanese debut with replay.
Key: Thank you for our fans warm support and that is the reason why we decided to debut in Japan.From now on we will sing and perform as Shinee to be able to respond to your support, We will always do our best, please look forward to it.

This is Shining SHINee ~
 english trans by winkme @soompi

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