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I really enjoy editing photo. So, when I am free, I will kill the time by doing so. ~kekeke. Now I am not in free time actually. I have so many jobs to do, trust me *cross finger* But, I don't know why I can't let my hand out of my adobe? T^T It can not be helped. Hahaha, after I finish post this image, I know I will be killed by my mom because I haven't helped her yet over this day ~kekeke. Hope you enjoy this wallpaper image I made ^^

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AngeliCharisma Lee Taemin Who Has Beauty That Makes Goddess Cry

4 ♥♥♥:

  • taeminforever said...

    huehe, boleh-boleh... Tapi gimana caranya ngajarin ya? Ayo dateng ke rumahku, siapkan alat dan bahan: fotomu dan onew, langsung kita crop jadikan couple, ~kekeke

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