SHINee Macro Session VIII (Just For Fun)

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Whenever the maknae's grown up, the hyungs will always be SURPRISED!

Anticipating Minho was...scary!

No matter how cute are you, maknae will always be...abandon!

Thanks God this photo make him realize, finally!

It's another scene of Chicken Run

...or you will be dead meat!

Like father like son! God, you're so amazing create 2 Taemins

Are they watching a delivery video??? --a *never mind*

what did you do Taeminnie?

Noona is always teaching her dongsaeng how to be weird popular.


If your love is that hurt, I'll accept it whatever you want *slap*


Maknae Prerogative!

Jjong always has "more" money

*anticipating for ALMIGHTY ANGER KEY*

Maknae always learns fast and mimicking what his hyungs do!

Trust me it's a dog shampoo CF.

Between SHINee member, Key is always be a choice for xmas present.

Why you look like you were whoo responsible of that bullshit that?
credit: reuploaded by do not hot link!

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