SHINee Macro Session IX (Just For Fun)

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Flaming Charisma makes our maknae...dazzled!

Onew Sangate~

Minho is being abandoned!~kekeke

...or you make this maknae cry.

Key is always be fascinating!

This is called: SHINee Style! Make sure you follow this crazy guy!

Jealously Key

Leader is always be...sangate~

oops...Next Hyukjae Super Junior?

Eternal Lead dancer Power!


*anticipating our maknae's flame*

and the flaming junior era...begin!

*no comment! nosebleed-ed already*

you are not my type too *mehrong*

YAAA!! Minho! What are you doing??

Since now, Eeteuk super Junior was revealed as...phedophile(?)!

Jjong is always watching...

Taemin and Jjong is going to nowhere... T.T

SWhining Taemin?

credit: reuploaded by do not hot link!

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