[Pics] SHINee Filming Onegai Ranking

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SHINee must have performed Juliette and had a talk. They look kinda funny in the 2nd picture :) Jjong’s hair stretching up up up :D

(It’s not for Music Japan. Making an appearance in a segment called “strike music” in Onegai Ranking – Thanks, caramelmuffinz! So we can look forward to more TV appearances for Juliette promotion :) )

“Strike Music” is a “music presentation show” in which three guests present songs that fascinated them. If the other two agree with the presenter, it’s “strike”; with only one agreement, it’s “spare”; with no agreement, it’s “gutter.” The guests invited were Harisenbon, Kondo Haruna (born 1983), Oriental Radio Fujimori Shingo, SPEED Uehara Takako. SHINee appears as Kondo’s “artist I fell for” and performs Juliette live. SHINee became Harasenbon’s fan after watching a Japanese comedy program, so their love is mutual.
Kondo commented, “Wonderful, I got goosebumps!” And Key said, “You had a haircut” Fujimori questioned, “Are you really a Harisenbon fan?” Key confessed, “Yes, I really like her” Excited, Harisenbon courted saying, “Can you marry me?”

picture source: DC SHINee Gallery
english trans  Jujugal @Subbing SHINee 
korean Trans: honeybee@shakizi

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