[News] SM Entertainment Establishes Joint Overseas Branch in Thailand

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August 16th 2011

First Joint Overseas Branch has been built by SM Entertainment, known as most Korea's Top Entertainment. Thailand's largest media network, True Vision Group has been success win SM's heart and those two powerful entertainments world form SM True (SM True Co.,Ltd).

Official ceremonial of this joint opening has been held yesterday and also officially announced the new group  and press conference to announce the collaboration in Bangkok.  It was attended by SHINee, Kangta, and SM CEO Kim Young Min.

SM artists will now rely on SM True for album distribution, concert planning, and promotional activities in Thailand. SM True does intend to become a management agency for discovering and training upcoming artists in Thailand!

"We expect SM's excellent content to be distributed more efficiently and effectively through True's unrivaled infrastructure and far-reaching networks… creating a huge synergy effect," said Kim at the press conference.

Click here to see SM True Twitter Page

source: soompi news
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